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Coronavirus - 17 key issues for employers to consider

Issues affecting the workplace are moving very fast, whilst the world is slowing down. The workplace is having to change and react in many ways we couldn't have expected at the turn of the new decade, in response to this health and economic emergency.

As we all make our way through this emergency, continued change will be key and adapting will be vital. For all workplaces, for all citizens. For everyone supporting the effort to get through this emergency.

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Coronavirus response – key considerations for employers

Here's a short list to help employers. There will be many moving parts and many decisions to be made; some employers will be more affected than others, but everyone will need to ensure that they are up to speed on changes, take appropriate decisions and adopt measures based on compliance, risk and whilst trying to plan for when we emerge from this.

  1. Whether to furlough; how to furlough and the risks to avoid
  2. Staying open or not; the latest law and guidance
  3. Obligations for homeworkers; keeping business going, but keeping people safe
  4. The changing rules on SSP; how they apply, what is needed from your people
  5. The effect of SSP rules on company sick pay schemes
  6. How to safely navigate responsibilities around disabilities, family friendly leave, emergency leave – the Equality Act 2010 remains and must be complied with, or trouble is stored up
  7. Problems – employees who refuse to homework, or come to work – with legal guidance and practical solutions
  8. Taking leave, cancelling leave, buying back leave
  9. Postponing leave to new holiday years – new law to apply in practice
  10. Planning now for short time working – employers may need to gear back up quickly, or more gradually
  11. Preparatory steps for making redundancies – getting ahead, plan for the worst, hope for the best
  12. Impact of COVID-19 on immigration status
  13. Impact of COVID-19 on safeguarding
  14. Removing benefits, making pay cuts; if making pay cuts – take care; don't store up trouble
  15. Gender pay gap has been postponed, but the principle remains good
  16. Employment tribunal, employment appeal tribunal and courts – how are they and will they progress for ongoing disputes
  17. Discipline, grievance and performance management issues – using technology

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