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  • Trust Registration Service – Further Changes

    Trust Registration Service – Further Changes

    Taking on the role of an Executor carries with it a great deal of responsibility. An Executor has the legal authority to administer an estate and is ultimately responsible for any mistakes made. They can be held personally financially liable for any breaches of duty. As a result it is imperative that the Executor does everything in his power to ensure that they include all assets in the inventory of the estate and that they settle all liabilities of the Estate in full.

  • What happens if your Will is unclear?

    What happens if your Will is unclear?

    In Scotland, generally Wills are to be interpreted intrinsically – or within the four corners of the document. The question is what the document actually says, which may well be different from what any potential beneficiaries would like it to say.  Any extrinsic evidence will not, as a general rule, be permitted when it comes to determining the intention of the testator.

  • Summer Staycation Ideas

    Summer Staycation Ideas

    We're lucky we have so many things to see and do on our doorstep, we're spoiled for choice, so here are a few of our fav walks, parks, and activities to inspire you this Summer.