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Two great reasons to choose Harper Macleod for your future legal career

If you are currently studying law then this HM Insight is for you! Despite all of the essay and presentation deadlines that you will be juggling (not to mention preparing for the end of semester exams), we would recommend that you devote some time to start preparing, and applying, for traineeships and summer placement schemes.

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As a current second year trainee, I would strongly recommend Harper Macleod as a firm in which to pursue your future legal career. Here are a couple of reasons why:

1. All kinds of law ...

First, Harper Macleod is a full service law firm. This means that we can cater for all of our clients’ legal needs, regardless of whether that client is a large commercial entity seeking advice on a multitude of different issues, or an individual seeking legal advice on a specific area of the law. Consequently, when training with Harper Macleod, you will have the opportunity work in a variety of departments and develop a detailed knowledge of different areas of the law.

2. Stand up in court ... straight away

Secondly, it is Harper Macleod’s belief that all of its trainees should receive the broadest experience possible when training with the firm. Part of this experience is having the opportunity to stand up and speak in court from an early stage in your traineeship. While this may appear to be a daunting task, it is an invaluable experience which too many trainees do not get the opportunity to experience over the course of their traineeship with other firms.

HM Agency is the project operated by the firm to offer relevant court experience to its trainees. The main aim of HM Agency is to build and cultivate the advocacy and presentation skills of the firm’s trainees by providing regular opportunities to appear before a Sheriff in Glasgow Sheriff Court.

HM Agency operates on a rota basis with first year trainees receiving instructions to appear in the Simple Procedure courts and second year trainees receiving instructions to appear in the Ordinary Cause courts. The instructions received from solicitors in the firm are very detailed and contain all of the information the trainee will require to appear as the principal agent for the respective party in the case. After the case has called the trainee will complete a short report for the instructing solicitor which outlines the Sheriff's decision.

This may appear like a lot of responsibility to be given to a trainee so early on. And it is! However, you will receive thorough training in how to make oral submissions to a Sheriff before your first appearance. In addition, you will be well supported by other trainees and the instructing solicitor if you are ever unsure about anything.

The traineeship is an opportunity for you to learn. One of the best ways to learn is by immersing yourself in new experiences. As one of Scotland’s largest independent law firms, Harper Macleod can offer a wide variety of experiences to its trainees with HM Agency being one of them.

If you are currently studying the LLB, and you are thinking of pursuing a career as a solicitor, then I strongly recommended that you apply for the Harper Macleod summer placement scheme as the firm recruits most of its trainees through this scheme. This year's application process has already closed, so if you didn't apply this time make sure you don't miss out next year.


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