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Maradona's legacy & why it is important to make a Will

Since the sad news of Argentine football icon Diego Maradona's death, there has been a lot of speculation about his wealth and who will be entitled to a share of it.

Maradona's legacy extends beyond the football pitch. He was known for his love of life, romantic entanglements and controversy and it looks like this is set to continue post death. Maradona had a big family and is known to have fathered at least eight children. It is anticipated that Maradona's inheritance will be divided equally among his children. but the courts have already become involved as a request has been made to exhume his body for DNA testing to be carried out. To add further complication, Maradona did not leave a Will.


Court battles loom

With no Will in place, anticipated court battles and opportunistic paternity claims, there could be substantial legal fees and there is also the difficult task of pulling together Maradona's estate. There's also the matter of the reported €37.2 million which the Italian government is claiming in unpaid taxes in relation to Maradona's time playing for Napoli. In summary, the administration of Maradona's estate could be very messy and very, very expensive.

Of course Maradona was a unique character, but no matter what your family circumstances are or the value of your assets, making a Will allows you to clearly set out what you would like to happen after you die. It will help to reduce the chance of any costly surprises for your family and upsetting situations like the one Maradona's family are likely experiencing.

A Will allows you to determine the beneficiaries of your estate and how and when they receive such assets. If you have assets in other countries, we recommend that you take advice in these jurisdictions to check whether it is necessary to put in place a local Will to ensure that your loved ones benefit as you would wish them to.

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We can provide the assistance you need to protect your assets and your loved ones. This will allow you to put your mind at ease, knowing everything is in hand.

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