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5 quick ways to get your home ready for selling

We've pulled together some quick and inexpensive ways to get your home ready for going on the market. Our expert estate agents in the Highlands, Islands & Moray can help with the rest!

Check out our tips below.


01. First impressions count

So make it a good one.  Clean or paint the front door, pull out the weeds on the path and trim your hedges. Add some flowers in a pot to add to your kerb appeal and make the entrance welcoming.

02. Declutter & bust the dust

Mary Poppins isn't going to stop by and snap her fingers to help you out, so this part will be painful. Throw away/donate any unwanted items.  Everything should have a place and should look neat and tidy. This will make the home appear more spacious.

03. Put it in neutral

You may love your bright yellow kitchen but a potential buyer may not.  Having a neutral colour pallete allows buyers to imagine their furniture in the space and is move in ready for buyers in a rush.

04. If it's broken, fix it

All those small things we never quite get round to fixing - door handles, creaky doors, dripping taps and light fixtures. The less your buyer has to do, the better the offer you'll receive.

05. What's on the market?

Do some research; find out what's on the market in your area – what condition are the properties in? What is the list price?  This will also give you an idea of what your potential buyers may see – so what do you want to accentuate? What does your home those properties don’t?

Ready to sell?

We're here to help get you moving, visit our Estate Agency websites to view our property listings and to see full details of our fixed fee packages to sell your home.

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