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Winter Driving Advice: Prepare for the clocks going back

This weekend sees the end of British Summertime where the country will carry out the annual "fall back".  Whilst for many the clocks going back means a welcome, extra hour in bed, it also marks the official start of winter. 

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Winter & bad weather driving

With the drop in temperatures, a change in weather and fewer hours of daylight, winter inevitably brings an increase in road traffic accidents.  This is, therefore, the time of year where drivers are reminded to take extra care on the roads.  

Drivers be prepared

Drivers must be mindful of the change in driving conditions and always alter their driving and their vehicles accordingly.  Braking can be twice as long if the road is wet and up to ten times longer if the road is icy.  Research carried out by Halfords found that at least one in ten vehicles in the UK have a fault with their lights.  It is therefore essential that all drivers take steps to prepare their vehicles before heading out in the winter, especially when it involves a lengthy journey. 

Drivers Winter Checklist & Tips

  • Check the level of windscreen wash and that your windscreen wipers are in good working order;
  • Check the oil level;
  • Make sure your lights are clean and all bulbs are working (including fog lights);
  • Make sure your tyres have the legal tread level and pressure;
  • Ensure the fuel level is sufficient for your intended trip;
  • A phone charger;
  • Jump leads; and
  • You should also pack a warm blanket, some snacks, a water bottle and a shovel in the event you get stuck.

Reminder for School Children, Parents and Staff

We must also be aware of pedestrians and cyclists.  Schools begin to empty from 3pm, around the time darkness begins to fall in winter.  Many school children and staff head home on foot and so drivers must be extra-vigilant.  Whilst all cyclists must have a front and rear light, the darkness still makes it much more difficult for us to spot them than in the daylight. 

Regardless of what type of vehicle you drive, winter weather brings a serious threat to all road users so please stay safe… and enjoy the long lie!

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