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Keep your little pumpkins safe this Halloween! Top tips for keeping children and vulnerable road users safe

Our personal injury department deals with numerous claims each year involving vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. Unfortunately, these road users are the most likely to suffer serious injuries if they are involved in an accident on the road.

With winter approaching, darkness and adverse weather conditions always pose additional risks, particularly to pedestrians. This year's national Road Safety Week will take place from 18-24th November, however, October is the month in which there is reported the highest number of child pedestrian casualties. Due to the clocks going back and events such as Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night, when more children are out and about in the darkness, this is not unsurprising.


Our top five tips

Here are some handy safety tips to ensure your children stay safe during winter:

  1. Make sure they use pedestrian crossings to cross the road
  2. Remind children to " Stop, Look and Listen" before crossing the road
  3. Ensure that they wear bright colour clothing if they are going to be out at night
  4. Try to walk on a footpath or pavement at all times
  5. Younger children should be accompanied by an adult and have their hand held when crossing the road or walking near to roads

Keeping these tips in mind will help keep you children safe on the roads and enjoy a Spooktacular Halloween.

You can find out more about Road Safety Week here.

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