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Employers beware - the statistics show it's very expensive to fail on disability discrimination

The latest tribunal statistics report is available from the Ministry of Justice and whilst the upward trend in the number of claims being lodged and pursued is continuing, key statistics are also available in relation to the average awards made for different claim types.

Whilst the average award for unfair dismissal has been reported as now up to around £15,000, religious discrimination awards tend to be much lower, at around an average of £5,000. However, it's the figure for disability discrimination awards that catches the eye, with the average award (from recent cases) having been in excess of £30,000.


Providing suitable support to all people in society to access and continue employment is essential, both as a matter of policy and compliance. From the prospect of risk and cost alone, the need to embed and enforce good workplace cultures is clear, or the costs can be very high.

Understanding the subject, how to identify and support disabilities within the workplace and how to take decisions following the right process, requires understanding, training and reinforced knowledge.

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