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How can employers deal with another Beast from the East? New Fair Work Charter for Severe Weather published

Who can forget the "Beast from the East" and the impact that sudden snowfall had earlier this year? Workplaces had to close and many business, organisations and workers were impacted. Hopefully this year, those responsible for our roads and rail network will have been as proactive in their planning as Derek Mackay, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair Work has been, together with the STUC, with the publication of a Fair Work Charter for Severe Weather.

The Charter sets out key principles encouraging employers to be caring and responsible, to take a collaborative approach, to communicate well and to be fair overall. The Charter and explanatory guidance promotes a good deal of sense and is worthwhile assessing against any policy in place that you have, in relation to Severe Weather disruption. At the same time, a review of your remote working arrangements and who can safely work from different locations, or from home, may be worthwhile, whilst the weather holds.

If you've any questions relating to severe weather disruption or if you'd like us to help with a bespoke policy or contract changes for your workplace, please get in touch - we can help.