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Helping to Make 'The Moment' Happen – What makes Glasgow 2018: A Spectator's journey

Harper Macleod LLP is proud to be Legal Advisers to the Glasgow 2018 European Championships, the inaugural hosting of the continent's newest multi-sport event. As a firm which has Scotland's leading sports law practice, and which carried out a similar role for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, it was only natural that we would want to get involved.

The role sees us play a big part in the team working behind the scenes to deliver another successful event for Scotland. As part of this effort, Craig Daniels, one of our solicitors – is on full-time secondment to the Glasgow 2018 in-house Legal team.

In the latest of his series of blogs leading up to the event, Craig shares his insights about what it's like to be part of a massive event such as this. Here, he explains how the experience every spectator will enjoy in going to a Glasgow 2018 event is the culmination of months of hard work behind the scenes to make sure their journey is as seamless as can be.

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So, you've seen the adverts, you've followed Bonnie all over social media and you may even have hitched a ride in a Glasgow 2018 taxi, now it's time to get yourself a seat at the action.

For any fan wanting to experience the first ever European Championships, buying a ticket from the official Glasgow 2018 ticket provider, Ticketmaster, will be their first port of call. Once your tickets are purchased you can kick back and keep up-to-date until the Championships start through our website and social media channels.

What's going on behind the scenes

But what are the Glasgow 2018 team and importantly the legal team doing in the meantime?

Well, we are all hard at work delivering the many hidden elements of a major sports championship that you may not have thought much about. For all our great network of suppliers and service providers we need to have a contract that clearly sets out the services to be provided.

The legal team work closely with all of our functional areas to ensure the contracts are completed on time to allow the functional areas to launch the services specific to them. For all of the features of Glasgow 2018 I mention below we have a contract and, as you can imagine, the contract bank is now beginning to look pretty full.

How do I keep up to date with all things Glasgow 2018?

As I mentioned above, you can follow Glasgow 2018 through our website, Facebook,; Twitter (@Glasgow2018) and Instagram (Glasgow_2018). For the next 91 days and during the Championships we will keep you up to date and engaged with all that is happening pre and during Glasgow 2018 – from exciting news releases to Bonnie's adventures, we have you covered.

The Big Day!

So, you are suitably engaged and raring to go. Its game day! Now what? Well, as soon as you reach Glasgow, be it at Glasgow International Airport or the city centre, you will be hard pressed to miss the party.

The city will be dressed for the occasion with banners and branding down Buchanan Street leading the way to one of our two key non-competition venues – George Square.

A major contract for the Championships has been the contract with our Look provider. This provider works with us to develop all of the branding that you will see out and about, at Venues and crucially, on the field of play at all of our events.

Not only will the city be dressed with Glasgow 2018 branding but we will also be dressing it up for our arts and cultural festival (Festival 2018) which runs as part of Glasgow 2018. We have been working with designers to create a vibrant brand to launch Festival 2018 that will be on display throughout the city and will involve some of Scotland's most innovative and exciting arts groups who will be putting on performances for all spectators.

Once you are at George Square or Glasgow Green, which is our other key non-competition Venue, you will be immersed in all things Glasgow 2018. Aside from our Festival 2018 performers we have been working closely to contract with various sporting bodies to develop a series of events that you can try out for yourself to get a taste of what it is like to perform in a European Championships event.

After all of this excitement you will no doubt want to relax before heading to your event. We have you covered. The legal team has been working on contracts with some leading caterers and bar operators to ensure that our catering offering at all Venues provides a broad range of Scottish and other top quality food and drink concessions.

We've launched the Glasgow 2018 merchandise range on our website and with our merchandising partner you will find outlets throughout the city and at Venues, where you can shop for all things Glasgow 2018. The outlets will offer our full range of merchandising, from t-shirts to Wee Bonnie cuddly toys.

It's really important to us that all spectators can get to their event with ease and that’s why we have contract with various transport bodies to ensure that sufficient transport is available for those wanting to use the transport network. For those wanting to take an energetic way to their event's Venue, the City will be clearly signposted with directions to all Venues, and there will be Glasgow 2018 volunteers on the ground who will be happy to help you in any way you need.

The hard work does not stop there though. Everything you see inside the Venues has been carefully planned over many months to ensure that Venues run smoothly and deliver a world-class European Championships. The legal team have been negotiating contracts ranging from catering, cleaning and Look installation through to contracts for the supply of radios, televisions and of, course, the Championships presentation which will create a truly innovative interactive and visual fan experience.

I hope this has given you some idea as to what goes into delivering the European Championships and has inspired you to get involved with Glasgow 2018.

Until the next time.