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Cycling Accident team secures damages for cyclist injured by vehicle

Our Cycling Accident team in our Personal Injury Department managed to secure damages for a lady who was injured in a cycling accident in Paisley.

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The victim was struck by a transit van which failed to stop at a junction. When the car struck she was knocked to the ground, falling heavily on her right hand side. Fortunately she was wearing a cycling helmet.

What injuries did the cyclist suffer?

Our client suffered pain in her neck, both shoulders and elbow in addition to bruising to her right thigh. She attended hospital to deal with her immediate physical injuries but also suffered psychological injury including sleep disturbance, nightmares and upset.

Cycling statistics

  • Over 2% of people in Scotland cycle to work
  • Cycling to work is most common among the 25-34 year age group
  • Over 35% of Scottish households have access to a bike
  • Since 2004 the number of serious injuries caused to adults as a result of cycling accidents has increased by 28%
  • 85% of all accidents involving bicycles involve cars.

Motorists owed cyclists a duty of care - the legal position

Car drivers owe a duty of care to cyclists who are travelling on public roads. There is a duty of care to keep a proper lookout for other road users, including cyclists, and to take reasonable care to avoid causing accidents on roads.

Given the vulnerability of cyclists it is important that car drivers take all reasonable precautions to avoid accidents. Motorists should adhere to the duties of care they owe to other road users, including cyclists, to ensure that the level of serious injuries caused to cyclists does not continue to increase.

What did our Cycling Accident Personal Injury specialist team do for this client?

Our team managed to secure damages for her Personal Injury, loss of use of her bike, inconvenience and repairs that were carried out to the bike. Our Personal Injury team are experienced in representing cyclists due to their expert cycling legal knowledge.

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