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Court success for client after road traffic accident

Our road traffic accident team were successful on behalf of our client in a case that went to a full hearing of evidence. The Sheriff found in favour of our client and we secured damages for her for all her losses.

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Accident circumstances

Our client was in the left-hand lane travelling along Linlithgow Road in Bo'ness. Another driver was waiting in a filter lane indicating to turn right but was prevented from doing so due to oncoming traffic. Without warning the other driver pulled into the left-hand lane, colliding with the offside of our client's vehicle.

During the hearing, the other driver claimed that a parked vehicle was on Linlithgow Road and that, as a result of that parked car, she was unable to be fully established in the filter lane. After hearing all evidence the Sheriff at Falkirk Sheriff Court found the other driver's account to be inconsistent and unreliable. The damage to our client's vehicle also supported her version of events and we were confident of the result prior to the case running to a full hearing. The Sheriff found in favour of our client and made an award of damages for losses suffered.

Motorists and their duty of care

The most recent statistics from Transport Scotland outline that approximately 10,881 casualties occur per year as a result of road traffic accidents in Scotland.

Car drivers owe a duty of care to other road users who are travelling on public roads. There is a duty of care to keep a proper lookout for other road users and to take reasonable care to avoid causing accidents on roads.

What did our Road Traffic Accident specialist team do for this client?

Our team managed to secure damages for our client for all of her losses. In terms of damages, a client can recover compensation for all reasonably incurred losses connected to the accident.

Our Road Traffic accident team are experienced in representing all types of road users.

Client feedback

Our client was delighted with the outcome of her case and our representation of her in court by Diane Dunlop. The client commented "Thank you for all your help and your work. You were great and I am really happy with the outcome. Greatly appreciated!"

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