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Our specialist Personal Injury team secured damages for child who sustained serious head injuries.

Our Specialist Personal Injury Team secured settlement of a substantial five-figure sum for a schoolboy who suffered injuries whilst playing football at an outdoor sports complex.


Accident circumstances and treatment

The nine-year-old boy was playing football with his local team and friends when a set of goalposts collapsed on top of him causing serious injuries.

The boy lost consciousness as the frame struck his head and he was rushed to the local Accident and Emergency. Following assessment, it was discovered that his injuries were more serious than initially thought and he was transferred to a children's hospital.

The child suffered a fracture to his skull and facial injuries which required urgent treatment including immediate neurosurgery. As a result of the accident, he lost hearing in his right ear, suffered from memory loss, double vision and a squint in his left eye. He has undergone several operations in attempts to remedy the appearance of his eye. Unfortunately, he will suffer from hearing and sight difficulties for the rest of his life and this could have a significant impact on his future job prospects.

What did our team do for this client?

Our specialist Personal Injury Team is skilled in dealing with serious head injuries and provided support to the child and his family. Although the NHS was providing care for the child, we arranged specialist appointments in order to assist his recovery and secured rehabilitation.

It is incumbent on solicitors who are pursuing a claim for a client to exhibit evidence in support of each part of the claim. In this case, we obtained the child's medical records and instructed several specialists in order to assess the severity, extent and long-term effects of injuries.

The legal process

When our team received instructions from our client we intimated full details of the accident circumstances and information regarding his injuries to the owners of the sports complex. Their insurance company then undertook investigations as to why and how the accident happened.

A few months after we intimated the legal basis of our client's claim, the insurers informed our team that they wished to agree settlement on the basis that our client had contributed to his injuries and their position was our client and his friends had been swinging from the crossbar of the goal.

Settlement of the case

Our team did not accept this position so the insurers instructed solicitors to defend the case. The defender's solicitors continued to view the schoolboy as "the architect of his own misfortune" and offered approximately half of what the case ultimately settled for.

Our specialist team rejected proposals and pursued the case for the child as the amount offered by the other side's solicitors did not reflect the gravity of his injuries. Due to the instruction of appropriate evidence we proved that our client suffered life-altering injuries and we secured substantial damages on behalf of the child.

Specialist Solicitors

Our Personal Injury team are experienced in representing those injured and the families of those who lose loved ones in accidents. We will give first-class legal representation, support and care to an injured person and families of those injured in Scotland.

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