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Helping to Make 'The Moment' Happen – even the lawyers are getting faster as Glasgow 2018 preparations speed up!

Harper Macleod LLP is proud to be Legal Advisers to the Glasgow 2018 European Championships, the inaugural hosting of the continent's newest multi-sport event. As a firm which has Scotland's leading sports law practice, and which carried out a similar role for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, it was only natural that we would want to get involved.

The role sees us play a big part in the team working behind the scenes to deliver another successful event for Scotland. As part of this effort, Craig Daniels, one of our solicitors – is on full-time secondment to the Glasgow 2018 in-house Legal team.

In a series of blogs leading up to the event, Craig shares his insights about what it's like to be part of a massive event such as this. Here, he explains how it differs from his 'day job' and how the pace is hotting up as 2018 approaches.

Glasgow 2018 European Championships Bonnie The Seal Harper Macleod Craig Daniels

Bonnie the Seal at the Glasgow 2018 HQ with a pantomime cow!

It may be clichéd to say it, but life at Glasgow 2018 is fast paced and no two days are the same. Given the scale and extent of the event, it's no surprise.

My role as a lawyer at Glasgow 2018 is quite different to my role in private practice at Harper Macleod. In fact, it’s more accurate to describe my role here as that of an in-house lawyer. Like any in-house legal team, we have one of the most diverse and wide reaching roles in the organisation as we work with all different Functional Areas of the Glasgow 2018 European Championships.

The work I assist clients of Harper Macleod with is mainly commercial and corporate, but due to my focus on startup and high growth businesses a lot of my time is spent discussing not necessarily legal but, commercial and operational matters with clients. This experience has set me up really well for my role at Glasgow 2018.

From start-up to full-scale

Here we are not viewed as just “the lawyers” but, in fact, a lot of our time is spent discussing commercial and practical matters relating to the projects we work on with the different Functional Areas – which include Venues; Event Management; Sport; Safety, Security & Medical; Partnerships & Commercial; and Technology. Glasgow 2018 is essentially a startup that is moving into its growth phase as we have grown from an idea in 2014 to become a full-scale operation working on delivering what will be one of Europe’s biggest sporting events. That similarity with my regular client base can’t be overstated and I have been able to hit the ground running with the team here to support the Functional Areas.

Life at Glasgow 2018 is intense and the flow of work is non-stop, especially as the legal team is one of the smallest in Glasgow 2018 with only three of us. That makes it fast paced and exciting as things move quickly and the role keeps changing daily.

One of my principal roles is drafting the commercial contracts through which Glasgow City Council will contract with the companies and individuals who will supply goods or services to Glasgow 2018. The flow of contracts, as you can imagine for a project the size of Glasgow 2018, is substantial. The last few weeks have seen the legal team working on some of the most high profile contracts needed for the Championships, including venue use agreements, telecoms, look and branding and medal design. The medal design contract is for design and manufacture of both the Glasgow 2018 and Berlin 2018 medals. This contract is really important as the medals are one of the most visual aspects of the Championships which spectators will see on a daily basis. It’s another reminder that we are well under a year to go until Glasgow 2018 kicks off!

One key difference from private practice has been the proximity to our clients. Unlike a traditional lawyer/client relationship which is one of distance where we don’t work in the same office, our clients (i.e. the Functional Areas of the Championships) are quite literally sitting next to us! This close knit working environment means that we have a close connection to what the Functional Areas are doing and greater insight into their day-to-day roles. By working so closely together, if we need to discuss anything with a Functional Area we usually grab a coffee and sit in one of the office break out areas to run though the issues at hand.

Bonnie watch

Of course, no day would be the same without a Bonnie the Seal sighting. We even had Bonnie’s pal, the panto cow from Jack and the Beanstalk, come down to Glasgow 2018 HQ to check out the office and spend some time with Bonnie. There is still no word yet on Bonnie’s coffee-making skills. Team legal will put these to the test as soon as we can and let you know how she fares.

It’s been another great month here at Glasgow 2018 as we all work hard to deliver the inaugural European Championships. Catch up with me in December to hear more from behind the scenes at Glasgow 2018.

Till next time.



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