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Roundabout dangers for cyclists in Scotland

A list of Scotland's top 20 cycling collisions hotspots was recently drawn up by a Scottish charity that promotes cycling and walking. The charity looked at the number of accidents recorded at each junction, then weighted the results according to the severity of injuries sustained and how many cyclists were active in the area.

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The research highlighted the importance of having high-quality cycling infrastructure in place at junctions and if this is in place, collisions can be prevented.

Where do cycling accidents take place?

Roundabouts were featured in eight of the dangerous junctions, with seven others being T-junctions or staggered junctions. Better cycle infrastructure increases safety, the number of people on bikes and reduces the number of people who are injured as a result of cycling accidents.

The Arkleston Road/A761 junction in Paisley was top of the list and locations with dangerous junctions included Wallyford, Dundee, Tranent, Inverness and Stirling.

Figures released in 2016 show that 21% of people in the UK cycled, making cycling as a form of exercise as popular as football. However, since 2004 the number of serious injuries caused to adults as a result of cycling accidents has increased by 28%.

85% of all accidents involving pedal cycles involve cars. Given the vulnerability of cyclists it is important that car drivers take all reasonable precautions to avoid accidents. Motorists should adhere to the duties of care they owe to other road users, including cyclists, to ensure that the level of serious injuries caused to cyclists does not continue to increase.

Our client's experience

Our Cycling Accident team in our Personal Injury Department represented a student who was injured in a cycling accident at a roundabout in the west end of Glasgow. Our client was on a bike and travelling on a roundabout when a car failed to stop at the roundabout. The car struck our client and she was catapulted forwards over the handlebars hitting her pelvis and landing head first on the road.

Had our client not been wearing a cycling helmet she would have been more seriously injured. Whilst our client did not suffer a loss of consciousness, she was immediately aware of pain across her scalp and suffered migraine-like headaches with some visual disturbances for a number of days following the accident.

Motorists owed cyclists a duty of care- the legal position

Car drivers owe a duty of care to cyclists who are travelling on public roads. There is a duty of care to keep a proper lookout for other road users, including cyclists, and to take reasonable care to avoid causing accidents on roads.

Wearing a cycle helmet - the current law

Currently there is no legal duty to wear a cycle helmet in Scotland despite Rule 59 of the Highway Code which states that cyclists should use helmets. Rule 59 recommends "a cycle helmet which conforms to current regulations, which is the correct size and is securely fastened" should be worn.

What injuries did the cyclist suffer?

Had our client not been wearing a cycling helmet when this accident happened there is little doubt she would have been more seriously injured. Her cycling helmet took the force of the impact- the top of the helmet was scratched, flattened and split open.

Fortunately our client did not suffer a significant head injury but she sustained the following injuries:

  • Cuts, abrasions and bruising to her face
  • Neck pain
  • Pelvic and hip injuries
  • Knee injuries

What did our Cycling Injury Personal Injury specialist team do for this client?

Our Personal Injury team are experienced in representing cyclists due to their expert cycling legal knowledge.

We were able to recover damages for our client for all her losses including Personal Injury, bike repair costs and the cost of a replacement cycling helmet, which proved invaluable to our client in this accident.

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