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The Sammi Kinghorn blog – Pushing myself to push harder than ever

At Harper Macleod we're lucky to have Samantha ‘Sammi’ Kinghorn as our Athlete Ambassador. We've been part of Team Kinghorn since 2013, when Sammi was a 17-year-old novice. Now, she's just turned 21 and is Britain's fastest ever female wheelchair racer and a veteran of major championships. Sammi recently addressed a packed audience of young professionals at an event in Harper Macleod's offices, which focused on turning your career and life goals into a reality. Here, at the start of a season which will see her compete in the World Championships in London, as well as take on her first ever marathon, Sammi explains the importance of setting goals and a method of achieving – a lesson she believes can be applied to any part of your life.

Sammi Firm Handshake

Sammi with entrepreneur Nadeem Sarwar and Harper Macleod's Martin Darroch at the recent event

Wow, it's February already and I have had a really great start to the year. 2017 started with my big 21st birthday bash at the start of the January, which was fantastic and all ran to plan. I tried to extend the birthday celebrations as long as possible, and also took a bit of time out of training and went on a little holiday. It was lovely to get away and recharge that hunger to win. But now I'm back and training extremely hard and I’m so excited for the season ahead.

Since it's the new year and a new season looming, it's time for me to set my yearly goals. Goal setting is a really big thing in an athlete’s life, it's something we have to do on a regular basis.

With my governing body I must set yearly targets and if I do not achieve these targets then I would be at risk of losing my funding so these goals are a little scary because you are so conscious of reaching them throughout the year.

Along with my coach Ian Mirfin, I normally set myself a major goal each year - like this year it is to go to World Championships. However, inside my major goal I will make separate goals such as on what I would like to get my personal bests down to.

These are personal goals that I keep private I do think they help me to stay motivated. My season can be very long so it’s good for me to have goals that I want to reach, whether it’s in the gym or on the track.

I think it’s good for everyone to set goals, and you can set them in any part of your life. When setting targets, you always need to remember to keep them realistic as there’s no point in setting a goal that is completely impossible. However, you must also strive for something that you really need to work hard to achieve.

Put simply, if you only set an average goal then you’re only ever going to be average, but if you aim high and work hard to reach it then you can achieve excellence. You have to make sure you have no excuses for not achieving your ambitions, and won't look back in years to come and wish you'd done more. This is what I live by.

Sammi Gb Md

Sammi's Rio Jersey

Sammi kindly presented Harper Macleod with the Team GB outfit she wore at the closing ceremony of the Rio Paralympics. The top has been framed and hangs proudly in the public area of the firm's Glasgow office.

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