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Helping to Make 'The Moment' Happen – Stunning baubles for the European Championships winners and a Festival of fun!

Harper Macleod LLP is proud to be Legal Advisers to the Glasgow 2018 European Championships, the inaugural hosting of the continent's newest multi-sport event. As a firm which has Scotland's leading sports law practice, and which carried out a similar role for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, it was only natural that we would want to get involved.

The role sees us play a big part in the team working behind the scenes to deliver another successful event for Scotland. As part of this effort, Craig Daniels, one of our solicitors – is on full-time secondment to the Glasgow 2018 in-house Legal team.

In a series of blogs leading up to the event, Craig shares his insights about what it's like to be part of a massive event such as this. Here, he highlights one contract he's been involved in which brings home what Glasgow 2018 is all about for the competitors, and other initiatives to drive home what it's all about for the people and the country.

Bonnie The Seal Lawyer Harper Macleod Glasgow 2018 European Championships

Craig Daniels, left, resplendent in his Christmas cardie beside Bonnie the Seal

With the Christmas period fast approaching, life at Glasgow 2018 is showing no signs of slowing down. Everyone on the team is well aware that a change in calendar year is a real turning point in preparations for delivering an exciting and memorable inaugural European Championships. 

As we move into 2018 expect to see some announcements coming from Glasgow 2018 Towers, such as sporting ambassadors, cultural projects, medals and uniforms. The medal contract is one of the most recent areas which I led on, from a legal perspective, for the Glasgow 2018 team and to be able to see the outcome of your hard work makes it more meaningful. Watch this space!

A festival of more than sport

The Championships Festival team have been extremely busy over the last month with the public launch of the Festival 2018 Fund which has awarded a total of £750,000 to 34 artists and organisations across a number of different forms including: dance, film, music, visual art, theatre and literature.

Festival 2018 will be integral to the success and legacy of Glasgow 2018. Through showcasing Scotland’s rich cultural history alongside our history of delivering great sporting events, it is a great opportunity for visiting spectators and athletes to experience everything Glasgow and Scotland have to offer.

I said that the Festival team had been busy and I sure meant it. They are not content with the Festival 2018 Fund alone. No, last week saw the public launch of a new £125,000 community focused Festival 2018 Our Place Fund which encourages local community groups to stage events in their area as part of Glasgow 2018. This is a Scotland-wide initiative and will help to ensure the legacy of Glasgow 2018 extends as far as possible.

We have seen how positive the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games legacy has become throughout Glasgow and the surrounding area. We aim to go even further and ensure that the entire country reaps the benefits of the European Championships.

Last Christmas … for the team at 2018

It’s not all work and no play at Glasgow 2018 though! What would December be without a team Christmas night out? Friday 8 December saw the annual tradition of the office quiz take place. Expertly planned and run by the Social Committee it saw the entire office (260 people!) split into teams to compete for the top prize of … bragging rights within the office. Some tough questions, energetic treasure hunts and creative crafting saw one team prevail. Sadly it was not the team captained by yours truly but we gave a good account of ourselves.

The final round saw the teams design a new Christmas jumper for Bonnie,the fun and gregarious Glasgow 2018 mascot and, well, some of the entries were special indeed. Someone even worked in a Home Alone reference which was simply genius. The quiz was a great chance to speak to members of the team that you might not have had many dealings with to date, and was followed by office drinks and a very well behaved night out – apart from some team members (who shall remain nameless) practising what looked like particularly ungraceful gymnastic lifts on the dance floor.

It has been a great year for the team here at Glasgow 2018 and for myself personally, as I have been given an opportunity to get involved and help shape what will be a world-first sporting event. The team is looking forward to a recharge of the batteries over the Christmas and New Year period and coming back raring to go as we move into the final planning and delivery phases of Glasgow 2018!

Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all of us at Glasgow 2018.

Until the next time …