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Our lawyers help client on holiday in Scotland who had serious accident on A82 near Fort William

The A82 is a road in Scotland that runs from Glasgow to Inverness by way of Fort William. The majority of the route is a trunk road and the road is viewed as a vitally important link through the Scottish Highlands and beyond.

Highlands Road Accident Compensation

The A82 is a popular route for tourists to Scotland due to its extensive scenery and it serves as the main artery for commercial and heavy goods traffic. The A82 along with the A9 has been frequently regarded as one of the most dangerous roads in Scotland.

Our client's accident circumstances

Our Specialist Personal Injury Road Traffic Accident team represented a man who was holidaying in Scotland when he was involved in a serious road traffic accident. He was travelling in his car on the A82 towards Fort William when his car was struck by an oncoming vehicle.

Our client was driving and had one front seat and one rear seat passenger and was travelling at approximately 50 miles per hour. There was a bend in the road towards the left and he could see another car coming from the opposite direction. As the other car approached our client realised the other car was out of control.

The oncoming car struck the right front corner of our client's car at high speed. Our client's car was pushed into a ditch, rolled and came to rest on its roof. Our client and his passengers managed to get out of the car. Unfortunately, the other driver was trapped in her car and required to be cut out of the vehicle.

Our client suffered

  • Injury to his neck, back and shoulder
  • Difficulty sleeping and flashbacks
  • Difficulty in carrying out his daily activities as a result of the injuries he suffered.

Upon discharge from the hospital, our client was referred to a back pain clinic as he was left with residual pain in his neck, back, shoulder and lower back. In addition, he was unable to perform his employment to pre-accident levels as a result of his injuries.

Why it is important to instruct Scottish solicitors

It is important when you are involved in a road traffic accident on a Scottish road that you instruct Scottish solicitors. They not only have specialist Scottish legal system knowledge but will have local knowledge of Scottish roads.

Scotland has a different legal system to England and Wales and the law of damages is different in Scotland. It is important that a Scottish road traffic lawyer was instructed as early as possible by this client.

Litigation- when court action is required

In Scotland it is necessary to settle a case within three years of the accident, failing which a court action requires to be raised on behalf of a client. The law of Scotland differs to England in that the court action requires to be raised and served on the other driver within the three year time period. Since the basic law in relation to court actions, or litigation, is different in Scotland, it is important that Scottish lawyers are instructed.

In our client's case, it was necessary to raise and serve a court action. Following the court action being raised a timetable was assigned by the Sheriff Court at Fort William and our specialist, Personal Injury litigation team were able to settle our client's case without the need for our client to attend court.

Recovery of all losses suffered by our client

Our specialist Personal Injury Road Traffic accident team was able to recover compensation for all losses suffered by our client including accommodation costs as our client was on holiday and his travelling costs from Scotland to his home following his discharge from hospital.

We secured damages for all losses and injuries our client suffered from the road traffic accident. Our specialist Personal Injury team instructed medical reports to in order to prove the extent of the injuries our client suffered.

What did our Personal Injury Road Traffic Accident specialist team do for this client?
Our Personal Injury team are experienced in representing people who suffer injuries in road traffic accidents on Scottish roads. We have extensive experience of supporting those injuries in road traffic accidents throughout Scotland and their families and achieving results and justice.

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