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Get hold of your .ltd domain before someone else does

The new top level domain ".ltd" is soon to be made generally available. The domain is aimed at UK and Irish limited companies.

As with many other new domains, a sunrise period is currently in effect, that is a period whereby registered trade mark holders can gain ownership of .ltd domain names featuring their registered trade mark before the domains are made generally available to the public. The sunrise period runs until 11 June 2016.

Domain Name Ltd Sunrise Period Trade Mark

To enjoy the benefits of the sunrise period, registered trade mark holders need to have their rights registered with the Trade Mark Clearing House. Early registration is significantly more cost effective than dealing with a post registration domain name dispute.

Sunrise periods are currently also open for the domains ".med", ".tube", ".promo", ".gmbh", ".store", ".motorcycles", ".salon", ".group", ".autos", and ".homes". Soon to launch is the sunrise period for ".insurance".

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