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Harper Macleod secures six-figure settlement for man badly injured in car accident

Harper Macleod has successfully negotiated a six-figure sum for a man who was significantly injured in a road traffic accident.

Harper Macleod, represented the man who was involved in a head-on collision at speed in 2011.

Road Traffic Accident Car Crash Insurance Injury Settlement

As a result of the accident, the client sustained traumatic injuries to his right hip, right groin, left knee and left elbow as well as generalised neck pain. Many of the injuries required surgery with some of the injuries possibly still requiring further surgery in the future. As well as the physical injuries, the client also experienced low mood and deterioration in his personal relationships as a direct consequence of dealing with the aftermath of the accident.

It was not just the client’s social life that was affected; his injuries also had a detrimental effect on his capabilities at work. He struggled significantly with his working duties, was off sick for a period of time and upon his return was reassigned to a different role as a result of not being able to carry out his previous duties. He incurred a loss of earnings during his time off sick and received a cut in wages due to the nature of his new role.

When your working life is detrimentally affected by an injury there can be other knock-on effects that may not immediately spring to mind. As a result of the accident, Harper Macleod was also able to argue that the client was disadvantaged in the labour market as a result of his injuries. He was unable to carry out manual heavy lifting and other strenuous tasks and thus if he lost his job tomorrow and had to apply for other roles, he would be disadvantaged.

Further, Harper Macleod was also able to argue that, as a result of the accident, the client had incurred a loss to his pension pot. At the time of the accident, the client was not a party to an occupational pension scheme having opted out. However, as a result of new legislation, employers now have to automatically enrol their employees into a pension scheme whereby both the employer and client will pay contributions, the level of which is dependent on your earnings. As a result of the client’s new job role and the subsequent reduced wages, we were able to argue that there was a future loss of pension contributions as the amount of those was now less than what it would have been had the client not been involved in the accident.

The case reached a conclusion in 2015, just prior to a full Court hearing, when an agreement was made between both parties’ representatives on a settlement figure. The case settled for a six-figure sum.

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