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More new residential property style documentation published

As a member of a Working Party which was set up by the Law Society of Scotland to standardise certain conveyancing docmentation in Scotland I have been involved, with the assistance of the Property Standardisation Group, in creating style documentation for use in residential property transactions such as purchases and sales.

A second round of these has just been published. 

You can access the new styles on the Property Standardisation Group website here

The new categories are:


  • Affidavit

Discharges and Deeds of Restriction

  • Discharge – Registered land
  • Discharge – Unregistered land
  • Deed of Restriction – Registered land
  • Deed of Restriction – Unregistered land

Letter to Factors

  • Letter to Factors

10 categories had already been published in a first round, covering a variety of Dispositions, for different scenarios e.g. where the land is land registered and where it's still Sasine; where new title conditions such as access rights are being granted and where they're not.

We hope these styles will be of great benefit to the profession

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