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Life expectancy in Scotland – why making a Will is more important than ever

Recent statistics issued by the National Records of Scotland show that life expectancy among Scots continues to improve, and is now 76.8 years for males and 80.9 years for females.

While these figures are, on the face of it, to be welcomed it is still the case that rises in life expectancy rates in Scotland have actually trailed those of every other western European country since the 1950s. And the figures vary widely throughout Scotland, with the lowest life expectancy rates in Glasgow.

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Planning for the future – making a Will

It’s good to know that life expectancy is on the rise, but news such as this also provides a gentle reminder that while you may live a lot longer than generations who have gone before, no one can live forever.

Having a Will in place is the only way to ensure that those you care for continue to be looked after in accordance with your wishes when you are no longer around.

Despite living in a society where family relationships and financial arrangements are more complicated than ever, many people in Scotland do not have a Will. This leaves the fate of their assets and the futures of their family members to chance – so why take this risk?

Well, for some, the idea of making a Will feels slightly morbid, while others just haven’t thought about it or don’t view it as a necessity.

From our wide experience of dealing with estates where there has been no Will in place, we strongly advise that everyone, irrespective of age, considers putting a Will in place, as the future is unpredictable.

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