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Harper Macleod successfully settles case for mobility scooter road traffic accident

Our Personal Injury & Reparation team has successfully secured a five-figure sum for a elderly Scottish man who was involved in a road collision whilst out on his mobility scooter.

The client had been driving along a road in the north of Scotland and was driving under a railway bridge when a vehicle, driven by the third party, travelled through the bridge at speed and collided with him.

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The man was knocked unconscious and sustained a head injury from which he is recovering well.

Following the incident, the third party driver was charged and convicted of careless driving and her insurers accepted liability from the outset.

In early 2016, the third party insurers made a settlement offer to the client which he was tempted to accept. The client instructed Harper Macleod to settle his claim quickly and as such, asked for an increase, which was forthcoming. He opted to settle his claim for an increased, significant five-figure sum.

Driving mobility scooters on the road

Mobility scooters can be driven on the road so long as they can travel up to 8 miles per hour and are fitted with headlights, rear lights, flashing indicators, a wing mirror and a horn.

As the popularity of mobility scooters grow, the number of collisions recorded is also increasing. We are concerned that this number will continue to grow if road users do not take better care and recognise this increasingly common form of transport.

Motorists should be mindful of mobility scooters and remember that not only are they much smaller than their own vehicles but are driving at a much slower speed. Motorists should be vigilant when out on the road and adapt their driving accordingly to avoid any injuries to other road users as well as themselves.

The Highway Code applies to mobility scooters as well as motorists and all road users should be familiar with their duties under it.

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