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Another major milestone for entrepreneurship in Scotland

Today marked a significant day in the start up calendar with the opening of the Entrepreneurial Spark Edinburgh Hatchery and the Scottish EDGE office space, both at a new Entrepreneurial Centre within the RBS headquarters in Edinburgh.


We have an ongoing relationship with both of these organisations and were delighted to be among the 600 attendees within the old ‘executive wing’ of the RBS Gogarburn main building for what was an inspirational event.

The hub will house a number of business organisations and with speakers including the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Ross McEwan, Chief Executive of RBS, it is being seen throughout the country as a monumental step for startup businesses and entrepreneurs in Scotland.

It was clear from her speech that the First Minister has a passion and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship in Scotland and she today announced a further £300,000 fund which will be used to assist with entrepreneurial education in Scotland.

Entrepreneurial Spark - making a massive impact

The event also saw Jim Duffy, the Chief Executive Optimist of Entrepreneurial Spark, launch the organisation’s Impact Report 2015, which includes some of the most impressive statistics to date.

Entrepreneurial Spark businesses have attracted more than £45 million of investment since 2013 and there have been 660 businesses supported so far.

With a number of new hatcheries due to open in 2016 alone, these figures are only set to increase and Entrepreneurial Spark’s ambitious plans know no bounds.

Perhaps one of the most notable statistics that have been released is that 88% of companies that Entrepreneurial Spark has worked with are continuing to trade today. Given that the national average for startup survival is below 50%, this really is quite an achievement.

Applications are now open for the August 2016 intake at Entrepreneurial Spark. You can find out more about Entrepreneurial Spark here.

With Scottish EDGE too, over £5.6 million has been awarded to Scottish businesses in the last seven rounds of the competition, creating 479 new jobs in Scotland. The support for entrepreneurs in Scotland is strong and it is important that this continues in order to drive our economy forward.

Playing our part in promoting entrepreneurship

At Harper Macleod we are continuing to see the number of startup and high growth businesses that we are working with grow, with over 90 new clients in this space in 2015 alone.

The number of deals that we completed on behalf of clients rose by over 50% between 2014 and 2015, showing that startup and high growth businesses are prospering.

Supporting Entrepreneurial Spark and Scottish EDGE, as well as a number of other start up and high growth support organisations, is central to what we are all about as a firm and we have enjoyed every moment of being part of it.

Every business is different and being able to be part of their exciting journey is a great opportunity for us, and something that we are extremely proud of.

Some say that we are still only scratching the surface in terms of entrepreneurship in Scotland, so we look forward to the rest of 2016 and what we will see Scottish businesses achieve.

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