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Harper Macleod and Entrepreneurial Spark

For the past five years, Harper Macleod has been working with Entrepreneurial Spark and the businesses which are accelerated by Entrepreneurial Spark's programme. Our involvement with these businesses, or Chiclets as they are known once they become part of the accelerator, is to help them with any legal issues which they may face but also to add value to their business where we can.

E Spark Partners

We recently supported the highly successful pilot of a virtual accelerator in the Highlands

Entrepreneurial Spark works with businesses at all stages of their life cycle, particularly those looking to scale up. Below you'll find a case study example of a successful Scottish technology business which both Entrepreneurial Spark and Harper Macleod have assisted.

If you think that you have a business which could benefit from Entrepreneurial Spark's accelerator programme, you can apply to become a 'Chiclet' through the special Entrepreneurial Spark portal.

Harper Macleod & Entrepreneurial Spark Support - Case study - Find a Player

What is the business and what do they do?

Find a Player is an smartphone app which connect sports games and players in local areas. We also help organisers to run their games by using automation to make the admin much easier. Essentially we’re like a combination of Facebook and Tinder for sports.

What have been the main achievements so far?

The main one was probably raising the money. We raised £150k in a couple of days on Crowdfunding platform Seedrs.

That allowed us to completely rebuild the app from scratch and bring in some full time staff, so we now have a really marketable app which we delivered more or less on schedule. 

Also having the Global Head of Yahoo Sports asking if we’re ‘The next billion dollar company out of the UK??’ was pretty cool.

How did Harper Macleod assist you?

Harper Macleod have advising us on our legals since meeting at ESpark in 2014. They’ve assisted us with a number things including intellectual property and also in relation to commercial contracts, ensuring that the intellectual property in the business was well protected. Harper Macleod also helped to get us 'investor ready' and then went on to advise us on our equity based crowdfunding. Checking over the contracts from Seedrs and dealing with some issues our accountants had inadvertently caused. Their role was to advise on the corporate structure of the crowdfunding raise and assist with the documentation which was required for this deal. Since the crowdfunding money came through they’ve continued to support us with further corporate structure matters and general corporate governance.

What value did Harper Macleod add to your business?

Harper Macleod made a number of fantastic connections for us and continue to do so. Paula Skinner in particular deserves a mention here as she’s exceptional good at joining the dots and hooking us to the right people. The standout was probably getting us an invite to the Sports Scotland Conference at Hampden last year, it’s attended by all the leading Sports governing bodies in Scotland and is only meant to be for their members, we met a number of Chief Execs who we’re in ongoing discussions with. Also through HM's link with Glasgow 2014 we were able to get introductions to the Commonwealth Legacy team which we’re also still working on at the moment.

What’s next for the business?

Scale. We need to start building up our user numbers and the amount of events for people in the local area. We’re working with a number of Sports governing bodies, private companies and local authorities to try and make sports participation easier. Product development will never stop but at the moment our main priority is PR and marketing of what we have and what it can do to help people get more active. Basically we just need to get it out there and in front of as many people as we can.