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Legal Eagles: Harper Macleod's journey with Entrepreneurial Spark

Harper Macleod and Entrepreneurial Spark have been in partnership with one another for over four years now, and what a journey it has been.

So it is with great pleasure that we officially announce a further three-year partnership together in Scotland. We're sure that the next three years will see just as much growth and success as we have seen in the last four years, if not more.

Paula And Lucy Rose

Paula Skinner of Harper Macleod with Entrepreneurial Spark CEO Lucy-Rose Walker

As with most Entrepreneurial Spark businesses, things have not always followed a straight path, both in terms of the Entrepreneurial Spark concept and also in terms of how Harper Macleod works with Entrepreneurial Spark. But we've enjoyed learning from our experiences with each batch of chiclets, and incorporating those lessons into how we assist the next batch. There's no doubt that we are better advisers than we were four years ago, and over the next three years we'll get better still as we try to constantly improve the support we can offer. It's important for us to have been there since the beginning, and we have grown together as a team.

One of the key things that we have learned is that although it might be easy to have a good working relationship, it takes time to build a great relationship and our experiences have allowed us to do so. More specifically, we have learned that people like to know who you are and like to have someone specific that they can turn to. Having dedicated Harper Macleod team members at each hatchery ensures that this person exists as a resource and the businesses really appreciate having this relationship with key advisers.

We've also learned that you need to be more than just a 'legal' adviser. You need to understand the business, helping find solutions to problems in relation to all aspects of the business.

Our ideal type of client is one where we work with them from incorporation, through their growth towards investment and ultimately an exit. Working with Entrepreneurial Spark allows us to work with businesses in this way and allows us to be part of something much bigger. Entrepreneurial Spark has already seen some businesses grow on a global scale and this is exciting. Entrepreneurial Spark itself is exactly this type of business and we've been there to guide it through many of the hurdles, helping it achieve its own targets for growth.

There are so many highlights to mention from the journey so far, but some of the best moments are working with businesses that have gone on to raise funding from investors, through equity crowdfunding deals and agreements with large scale manufacturers.

Together we look forward to the next phase of growth for Entrepreneurial Spark itself and the businesses it provides with invaluable support. It promises to be a continuation of the already exciting journey.


"As a start-up, one of the most crucial things to get right is finding the best possible advisors to provide counsel on critical issues such as law, so we count ourselves lucky to have brought Harper Macleod on as partners from the beginning. The fact that Paula and the team have worked with us since the very start means that not only do they get what we're all about and where we're trying to get to, they also know what it has taken for us to get this far – and that is really important.

"They have played a big part in the Entrepreneurial Spark story and have been an invaluable support for me as my role has changed over the years. They've also won the confidence and trust of our amazing Chiclets by sharing their knowledge in a way which makes the seemingly impossible seem possible. From supporting hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of Chiclet crowdfunding campaigns, to providing advice on basics such as legal structures and co-founding team equity options, the Harper Macleod have helped many Chiclets over the past four years.

"Entrepreneurs have to be ruthless, with a smile of your face if possible, as time is your most precious commodity. One of the biggest compliments I can pay is that all of Harper Macleod's people understand what being an entrepreneur is all about and know where your time must be spent in order to establish and protect your business, and let you GoDo."
Lucy-Rose Walker, CEO of Entrepreneurial Spark

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