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Eye injury from Road Traffic Accident: why it is important to have a specialist personal injury solicitor

Our specialist Personal Injury team has successfully made a recovery of damages from a road traffic collision for a client who suffered a complicated and unusual injury to her eyes.

It is important when choosing solicitors that injured people select solicitors who are Personal Injury specialists. This means that the instructed solicitor will understand the complex nature of the injury and what type(s) of medical report are required to prove the client's case.

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How did the accident happen and what injuries did the client suffer?

Our client was driving her car along a road when a car coming towards her turned across the path of her vehicle. This resulted in a frontal collision and the vehicle airbag was deployed. At the time of the accident our client suffered pain in her neck and across her shoulder blade. She also suffered pain in her lower back and developed bruising from the seatbelt.

She attended Accident & Emergency and was thereafter referred for an eight-week course of physiotherapy to assist her recovery. Further, the injury caused an unusual eye condition whereby our client suffered an extraocular muscle imbalance. This condition caused discomfort and blurred vision. The condition requires the regular use of glasses to control comfort levels, on a full-time basis, which was not a requirement for our client prior to the accident.

Our client was off work for a period of six weeks and required help from her partner with most domestic activities as she was unable to carry out these due to her injuries. She was unable to lift her children for four weeks and was left with ongoing symptoms and debilitation.

We were able to prove negligence on the part of the other car driver and we successfully recovered significant damages for our client as follows:

  • her Personal Injury claim;
  • recovery of Statutory Sick Pay paid to her by her employers;
  • services provided to her by her Partner; and 
  • inconvenience.

Why was it important for Personal Injury expert solicitors to deal with this case?

In order to prove that the injury and ongoing symptoms that our client suffered to her eye were accident related it was necessary for us to instruct a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon. Our specialist Personal Injury team represent clients who suffer from straightforward and more complex injuries.

We were able to prove that the client suffered a loss of ability to control her extraocular muscles - these are six muscles in the eye that control the movement of the eye.

In terms of the law of damages and compensation it is necessary to show that any injury is accident related and get an appropriate expert to assess what ongoing issues are accident related. In order to do this, it is important that the correct medical expert is instructed and his or her view is given on what injury is linked to the accident. 

In addition to providing evidence in relation to our client's Personal Injury legal case, the report also offered the client advice in terms of the management of her symptoms.

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