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Delays to gender pay gap reporting legislation won't affect implementation

In March of this year, we advised on 9 things you need to know about gender pay gap reporting, when it was envisaged that the relevant legislation would come into force on 1 October 2016.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Employment Law Rules

The latest news reports suggest that the gender pay gap is reducing, down from 28% in 1993 to 18% today. However, that's only a 10% shift in over 20 years, clearly suggesting that quicker progress requires to be made. It's hoped that this obligation to report will increase the pace of change.

We are, though, without the proposed legislation to implement the planned gender pay gap reporting regime. Draft regulations were published in January and consultation on the same closed on 11 March. It was envisaged that the government would respond to the consultation and produce final legislation during the summer.

Unfortunately, and perhaps as a side effect of the momentous events of June, there has been no sight of either the response or the final legislation to be put before Parliament. This means, according to the Government Equalities Office, it is unlikely that these will be published before autumn. 

However, given that the first data snapshot on which the reports on gender pay gap would be based was always proposed to be on 1 April 2017, it is unlikely that this delay will affect the implementation of the legislation.  It is still envisaged that the final form regulations will be published and (subject to passage through Parliament) in place well before this date. 

Therefore, organisations' obligations under the proposed legislation will remain – if you would like to discuss how these obligations impact your organisation and what steps you should be taking, please contact one of the employment team. 

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