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Further success for cyclists involved in road accidents

Harper Macleod has successfully represented another cyclist injured, whilst on the road.

Our most recent client was travelling on a main road, in Edinburgh, when a vehicle, travelling in the opposite direction, carried out a right hand turn, colliding with the client and his bicycle.

Cycling Accident Claims Scotland

The client was extremely lucky in the accident not to sustain life threatening injuries but instead suffered a fractured elbow and an injury to his hip. The symptoms of which, although significantly reduced, still trouble him today. The client was employed as a taxi driver and due to his injuries he was unable to work for six weeks and upon his return was on light duties.

Harper Macleod represented the client and successfully argued that the vehicle’s driver had breached his duty of care by not keeping a proper look out and ensuring that he kept his vehicle under control. This led to the driver’s admitting liability at an early stage of the case.

In 2016, the client accepted an offer of £9,000.

In the last year, Harper Macleod have successfully represented a number of cyclists injured on Scotland’s roads with damages ranging from 4 figure to 6 figure sums, depending on the injuries sustained.

The vast majority of bike accidents appear to happen in built-up urban cities with Glasgow having the highest occurrence of serious injuries to cyclists. Statistics state that cyclists make up 0.8% of Scottish road users yet they are involved in almost 10% of all road accidents.

What is the biggest reason for cycling accidents? Not keeping a proper lookout!

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