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The Samantha Kinghorn blog: I'm here, I'm ready (and I'm going to be on the telly!)

It’s getting very close now and my nerves are already building, but there is also a mix of excitement in there.

I arrived in Doha on Sunday, 11 October, which gave me 11 days to prepare before my first race. My training has become a lot lighter now that I’m here and it will become a lot more technical as I focus on speed and starts.

Open Road

In some way I do find it very tough to come away to an event like this because I struggle with my nerves, however, I also find it very beneficial to have everything very well laid out and to stay in routine. I like to have all my clothes and everything laid out for my competitions the night before and make sure I double check my bag. I usually get someone else to check it too, just so I feel confident that all the things I have control of are right. This time around the whole family were involved in preparing and packing my gear.

Once I arrive at the track I feel my nerves ease because it’s the place I love to be. I really enjoy travelling - it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and to travel with such a great team as well really helps because we have so many experienced athletes on the trip. If you have any worries they’re always great to speak to and calm you down because they have been there and done it all before.

I really cannot wait to pull on that Great British vest again and do my stuff. It’s really great that my mum and dad will be able to travel out to watch me compete but what ‘s also fantastic is that there will be good coverage of the World Championships on Channel 4 so that the rest of my family, friends and supporters can watch me too.

It’s a really strange feeling being on telly, especially as my granny always records it then insists on me watching myself when am home – it’s a really strange sensation watching something that happened weeks ago.

Whatever happens now I’ve made it hear and I’m in good shape. I feel really ready to get out there on the track and race. Hopefully me and my granny will have something good to watch when I get back home!

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The IPC Athletics World Championships will be broadcast on More4 between 22 -31 October. See listings for more information.