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Driving home for Christmas – how to stay clear of road accidents in winter conditions

The winter months bring festive cheer and Christmas parties as well as quality time with your nearest and dearest. But it’s not all about Santa, turkey, pudding, presents and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Unfortunately, winter is one of the most dangerous times of the year to be out on the roads.

Driving In Winter Accidents Advice Insurance

Icy and freezing conditions greatly increase the risk of road accidents and year in year out we see a spike in accidents.

At Harper Macleod, we are only too aware of the devastating effects that road accidents can have on victims and their family members. Every year, we hear from prospective clients who have been involved in collisions or multiple vehicle pile-ups where braking distances have not been adhered to and drivers have lost control of their vehicles. We currently represent a number of clients who have been involved in similar incidents as a result of winter weather conditions.

Top safety tips for driving in winter conditions

When driving in snow and ice, it is important to remember these important safety steps to ensure that you and your loved ones come home safely for Christmas:

  • Plan ahead before setting off on your journey
  • Check weather warnings with the met office ahead of your journey
  • In case of an accident or breakdown, keep your phone fully charged
  • Ensure any health apps on your phone, such as the iPhone health app, are switched to ensure access can be gained while phone is locked
  • Wear comfortable and dry shoes to prevent slipping on pedals
  • Be aware of your braking distances
    • In rain, braking distances are doubled
    • In ice and snow, you need 10x the distance to stop
  • Check your tyres before setting off – minimum safe tread is 1.6mm
  • When driving on snow and ice use gentle and smooth manoeuvres
  • Use low gears and avoid touching your brakes
  • Do not rely on your brakes to slow down
  • Avoid using local shortcuts as roads are less likely to be gritted
  • Use your dipped headlights in falling snow

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