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    Top 10 App Happy Data Protection Tips

    The Data Protection Act 1998 (the "DPA") applies to any personal data that you use in the course of running your business. This includes any personal data collected via mobile apps that you have developed.

  • Collaborative Pre-nups

    Collaborative Pre-nups

    Although many people understand the advisability of entering into either a pre-nuptial contract or even a pre-cohabitation contract, one of the factors that mitigates against following this sensible route is that it is difficult to imagine anything less romantic than advising your future loved one that before anything else happens a legal contract needs to be entered into.

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    Capital allowances in property sales and purchases

    Capital allowances is a complex subject that requires detailed consideration against the history of the property in question. HM Partner Ken Ross gives a flavour of some of the important points to consider when buying or selling commercial property.