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    Are you prepared for the new Scottish Procurement Regulations?

    We will have new Scottish Procurement Regulations later this year or early next year. These will implement last year's EU directive, which has already been implemented in England & Wales. The new Regulations will introduce a number of important changes to the law and there will be further changes for Scottish public bodies to deal with when the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 comes into effect.

  • Named person scheme causes controversy

    Named person scheme causes controversy

    The Children and Young People Scotland Act 2014 calls for the appointment of a single "named person" to every child and young person in Scotland between birth and age 18 (or longer, if the young person is still at school). The named person can theoretically be anyone who is not a parent of the child but it is envisaged that the named person will be a health visitor or senior teacher. The named person will be the single point of contact for the child or young person and indeed the family in the event of any concerns arising relating to a child / young person's wellbeing. The named person is to be a source of help and support.

  • World's First Crowdfunding Exit

    World's First Crowdfunding Exit

    The recent announcement from Crowdcube of the world’s first successful crowdfunding exit marks a notable development in the crowdfunding industry. The sale of E-Car Clubs, the UK’s first entirely electric car sharing club, to Europcar has ensured that those 63 investors who helped raise £100,000 worth of investment through crowdfunding in 2013 will receive a “multiple return” on their initial investment. Whilst the first exit of its kind, it is unlikely to be the last. As the industry continues to grow and with many investors investing in various different businesses through crowdfunding, it is only a matter of time before we see more successful exits.