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Success for cyclist injured in road traffic accident involving opened car door

Harper Macleod has successfully represented a cyclist who was left with significant lower limb injuries following a road traffic accident in Glasgow.

The cyclist was travelling along Pollokshaws Road, Shawlands in rush hour traffic. There was a vehicle sitting stationary in the bus/cycling lane and therefore the cyclist pulled out to overtake and pass the vehicle. However, while doing so the driver of the stationary vehicle opened their door directly into the cyclist’s path. There was not enough time to take evasive action and the cyclist collided with the door at full speed, tumbling over the handlebars and landing on the road, in the middle of rush-hour traffic.

Driver Cyclist Crash Injury Claim Settlement Accident

The cyclist sustained significant injuries to his groin, knee and calf and as such, suffered with mobility problems. The cyclist underwent treatment at a local Glasgow hospital as well as with his GP.

Liability was disputed at the scene of the accident but was later admitted by the drivers’ insurer.

A court action was raised at Glasgow Sheriff Court and the case settled, prior to reaching a full hearing, for an undisclosed sum.

The Solicitor at Harper Macleod, who represented the client said: “This case highlights the importance of having awareness for cyclists when out on the road. It is important that all road users understand the dangers and risks involved and that they adapt their driving/behaviour to ensure avoidable accidents do not occur.”

What to do if you are a cyclist injured in a road traffic accident

At Harper Macleod, we represent numerous cyclists who have been injured as a result of road traffic accidents or defects on the road. It should be remembered that cyclists do not have the same protection that drivers have whilst in a vehicle and therefore, in our experience, minimal contact has the potential to cause serious injuries.

Statistics suggest that in 2014 alone, 21,287 cyclists were injured in road traffic accidents with 3514 of those killed or seriously injured. These statistics are only the accidents that are reported and there are many more cyclist casualties that go unreported.

If you are a cyclist and are involved in a road traffic accident, if you are able to, you should always remember to do the following:-

  1. Identify the driver of the vehicle immediately and note down their contact and insurer details
  2. If possible, take photographs of the scene
  3. If possible, speak to any witnesses and note down their contact details
  4. Contact the police if no one has already done so and report the accident

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