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How to get compensation if you suffer illness or injury on holiday

A holiday illness or accident can ruin a holiday and although many holidaymakers become victims of illness or accidents, most don’t realise that there is a course of action that can be taken to seek compensation.

Illness Or Injury On Holiday

The legislation

Not only can illness or accident ruin the enjoyment of your holiday but you may be left with out of pocket expenses for medical treatment.

Under package travel regulations, tour operators and travel agents have a responsibility to ensure that the holiday you have paid for meets the required standards – that includes flights, accommodation and excursions that are included as part of your package deal.

What should you do to ensure you are best placed to seek compensation?

Once sickness arises or an accident occurs, you should:

  • Make all efforts to report your complaint to your travel rep. as quickly as possible.
  • If you are still on holiday at the time, you should ensure you report it whilst there and keep a diary, if possible, and take photographs of any concerns that you have.
  • If there are other holidaymakers affected, make sure you take a note of their details as their evidence may prove vital to your case.
  • Always attempt to seek a formal diagnosis of sickness or injury from a local GP or hospital along with medication.
  • Remember to document everything and keep receipts for all out-of-pocket expenses.

Legal advice - we can help

In most scenarios, a complaint to your tour operator or travel agent will result in the offer of a travel voucher or a small cash alternative.

You should always seek legal advice before accepting any offer made to you because it is likely that you will be undervaluing your claim.

Harper Macleod has represented holidaymakers who have suffered sickness or accidents across resorts worldwide. In those cases, once instructed, we were able to negotiate with the defender travel operators and ultimately, secured awards of damages far greater than the original vouchers or cash offered to the holidaymakers.

Contact our personal injury solicitors

If you have suffered and illness or accident abroad please contact our dedicated holiday claims team. Get in touch now for a free chat about your claim.

We will be able to give you an indication of the potential value of your claim. Remember with us you keep 100% of the compensation your receive.