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Cyclist successfully sues council for £35,000 after pothole crash

A cyclist successfully sued their local authority for £35,000 after suffering injuries in a fall from his bicycle, due to the condition of the road he was travelling on.

Due to the condition of the road, the cyclist’s tyre went into a pothole which caused the bicycle to abruptly stop and caused him to be thrown over the front handlebars. He broke both arms and suffered a permanent injury to his wrist.

Bike On Road Pothole Crash Sued

Harper Macleod was able to confirm the presence of the pothole and prove that it had been there for an unreasonable amount of time via a witness who lived locally.

It was clear from the evidence collated by Harper Macleod that the pothole was significant in size and depth and that the local authority had failed to adequately inspect the road, identify the pothole and thereafter repair it. They had thus put road users in danger.

The local authority did not raise any issues of liability when the case was eventually brought to their attention.

Medical evidence commenting on the nature and extent of the cyclist’s injuries and prognosis was prepared and disclosed to the local authority along with a valuation of his case.

Following settlement negotiations between Harper Macleod and the local authority’s representatives, the cyclist was awarded £35,000 in compensation as a result of the incident.

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