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Things are heating up for Sammi Kinghorn

Samantha 'Sammi' Kinghorn is Scotland's leading female wheelchair racer and Harper Macleod's Athlete Ambassador. Every month, the Commonwealth Games finalist and triple European champion shares the latest from her world as she prepares for her next big challenge – the 2015 World Championships in Doha. After a cold Scottish winter, Sammi enjoyed a change of scene as she stepped up her training regime to get ready for the racing season.

On the 3rd April I travelled across to Tenerife with Scottish Athletics Director of coaching Rodger Harkins and a mixture of Scottish and English athletes to take part in a hot weather training camp and spent seven days in a lovely 30°C heat.

Whilst away the level of my training started to pick up and I found myself getting into the rhythm of working hard whilst pushing myself in the hot weather; this will be beneficial as I need to get used to the hot temperatures for the World Championship in Doha which I hope to be selected for.

In Tenerife I started speed work on the track which is my favourite phase of training as this is the last phase which builds me up in the run-up towards a competition. Tenerife was mainly track training in the morning and taught me some very valuable dynamic stretching techniques which will prepare my muscles before a race. I also took part in aqua sessions in the pool with the rest of the team which was completely new to me and a bit of a godsend in the hot weather.

I really enjoyed my time in Tenerife but I am glad to be back home. However, Tenerife was a great time to enable me to get my head ready for competitions which are coming up in Europe in May. Travelling to different countries to train is always such a great experience as it allows me to have an insight into what other athletes do to prepare for a competition.

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