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  • Child relocation - 10 dos and don’t when separated parents move

    Child relocation - 10 dos and don’t when separated parents move

    To remove a child from the country on a permanent basis requires either the consent of the other parent, or a court order known as a "specific issue order". Cases like these are known as "relocation cases". While there can be many and varied reasons for seeking to relocate with a child or children, our experience has enabled us to compile a brief list of "do's and don'ts" based upon the questions and issues which crop up most often.

  • The risks of being Santa Claus

    The risks of being Santa Claus

    Despite being employed for only one night a year, being Santa Claus is a risky business – let’s face it, he is in charge of a magical flying vehicle, nine flying reindeer as well as millions of heavy goods that all have to be delivered in a tight deadline. We hate to be a buzzkill but we hope he’s done his risk assessment this year. Here’s what we’re thinking Santa Claus has to be aware of this Christmas: