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  • Is represented mediation the way to keep families out of our courts?

    Is represented mediation the way to keep families out of our courts?

    The courts are full of contentious family law cases that seem to take forever to resolve. These cases often involve the welfare of children but also relate to how couples divide their finances when they separate. While everyone accepts that there are a minority of difficult cases that do require a third party decision, for the rest of the cases there must be an alternative way of processing these cases and that better way is mediation.

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    Wearable Technology: What do employers need to consider?

    Wearable technology is back in the news this week with the launch of the Apple Watch, due to go on sale early next year. Apple’s imminent entry to the wearable technologies market has brought speculation that its gadget might be the one to crack mass market success, which has been elusive so far for existing products. Wearable Technology, or ‘tech togs’, is the incorporation of computer and advanced electronic technologies into clothing and accessories. As well as Smartwatches, the market range includes activity trackers, the CommBadge – a wearable Bluetooth personal communicator for Iphone and Android – and Augmented Reality Glasses such as the Google Glass, ‘where fashion meets technology’. The Glass launched earlier this year in the US and at the end of June here in the UK. It has provoked mixed reactions, leaving some mesmerised, but raising serious concerns in others about the implications for individual privacy and the confidentiality of corporate information.

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    Changes to the World Anti-Doping Code will raise the stakes when it comes to dealing with violations

    The 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow passed with declarations of the “greatest Games yet”, setting a very high bar for Australia’s Gold Coast in 2018. For two Welsh athletes, however, the joy of the Games was missed due to suspected anti-doping infractions and investigations, potentially leaving them facing significant bans from all involvement in sport; and a handful of other athletes regrettably failed doping tests and had their results nullified.