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    To VEAT or not to VEAT, that's now an essential question

    Transparency in the award of public sector contracts is one of the fundamental aims of the procurement regime across the UK and Europe and in principle a contracting authority must advertise a contract opportunity by placing a contract notice in the Official Journal of the EU ("OJEU").

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    TUPE Service Provision Changes: Project Manager not part of an organised grouping of employees

    Employers involved in potential service provision changes – such as in-sourcing or re-tendering situations - will have to take a position on which employees will be subject to the TUPE regulations as part of the transfer. Sometimes this is a straightforward exercise. However, when an employee is assigned to different projects or duties, some of which are not part of the transfer, it can often be difficult to identify whether the TUPE regulations are applicable.

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    Post Referendum Impact on Housing in Scotland

    In the early hours of Friday 19 September 2014, it became clear that people in Scotland had voted to remain part of the UK. No less than 85% of the electorate took part, with 55.3% of those saying No to independence.

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    Changes to Employment Law from 1st October 2014

    Coinciding with the start of the new month, there are a host of changes to employment law that take effect from today. Employers should ensure that they are aware of these changes, which include: The annual increase in the minimum wage The key new rates applicable from today are as follows: Workers aged over 21: £6.50 Workers aged 18 to 20: £5.13 Workers aged under 18: £3.79 Apprentices: £2.73