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    Lifting an automatic suspension of contract

    Last month, the Scottish Court of Session once again lifted an automatic suspension of contract and allowed the public body in question to enter into the contract with its chosen supplier. South Lanarkshire Council had sought tenders for the provision of municipal waste services.

  • Important Developments for Pensions on Divorce

    Important Developments for Pensions on Divorce

    A recent court decision has determined the correct interpretation of regulations relating to the basis on which pensions are to be valued for the purposes of divorce proceedings, and the formula to be applied in circumstances where the pension value has to be apportioned to reflect the fact the pension may have been in existence both before and during the marriage.

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    Game verdict won't console troubled tenants

    The Court of Appeal in England has overturned the decision in Goldacre and ruled that a group of major UK landlords were entitled to recover rent as an expense of the Game administration from the Game administrators even though the rent payment day fell before the date of the administrator's appointment. The decision closes a loophole in the law that allowed tenants and their appointed administrators or liquidators to avoid paying rent as an expense of the administration or liquidation while in administration or liquidation. The judgement could have significant implications for the property sector.