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    Tonsils and tinsel - from a Scottish record to Christmas with the Kinghorns

    The last month has been a real whirlwind with lots of ups and downs. Starting with the ups, I had my last race of the year in the Jedburgh 10k and even with the hurricane winds I managed to set a new PB and Scottish record (26 minutes and 33 seconds) which I was really pleased about – especially as I beat my previous best time by 66 seconds.

  • How can young sports people be protected in the social media age?

    How can young sports people be protected in the social media age?

    In a previous article, we looked at the way sport was embracing new media and the problems that could arise, particularly for sportspeople. A recent survey highlighted by the Sport & Recreation Alliance has illustrated that younger athletes in particular have an attitude to online behaviour that may lead to further problems. Whilst the theme of the behaviour reported is naïvety, both as to the risks and the potential repercussions, this does not appear to be due to a lack of attempts to educate young athletes.

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    Social Media prosecution guidelines announced - “If it would be illegal to say it on the street, it is illegal to say it online”

    Writing almost three years ago for the Sunday Herald, I had expressed the view – in the context of the prosecution of Liam Stacey for tweeting racist comments about footballer, Fabrice Muamba – that: "The internet is no longer the unregulated forum it was during its infancy. There has been increasing confirmation, through judicial pronouncement and the legislature, that the laws which apply to the offline bricks-and-mortar world also apply to the internet."