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    When should a "refusal" be viewed as "unreasonable"?

    As employers will know, there is an obligation in a redundancy situation for the employer to consider the potential of alternative employment within its organisation and inform the employee of such vacancies. Under section 141 of the Employment Rights Act 1996, a potentially redundant employee will lose their right to a statutory redundancy payment if they unreasonably refuse an offer of suitable alternative employment made by their employer.

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    Legal compensation for wind farm disturbance

    Onshore wind farms are the most established large-scale source of renewable energy in the UK. Wind turbine noise is of two sorts, mechanical (deriving from gearboxes, generators, auxiliary equipment etc) and aerodynamic (in flow turbulence at the front of the blade, airfoil turbulence at the trailing edge and tip of the blade). The latter is dominant. Noise can have health effects including sleep disturbance and performance reduction, annoyance responses, and effects on social behaviour.