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Property and Construction Bulletin October - News

Registers of ScotlandLand Mass Coverage Report 2012

The Geographic Information Systems team from the Registers of Scotland has produced its annual Land Mass Coverage Report which provides a snapshot of the amount of land in Scotland that is registered in the Land Register.

Land mass coverage varies markedly across the 33Land Register counties, which in part reflects the relative age of the Land Register in each county.

Summary of the report:

  • Land mass coverage has increased from 21.18% to 23.33% in the period June 2011 to May 2012.
  • In total 1,721km2 was added to the Land Register in 2011-12. The rate of increase for this year is the largest since 2007-08. This was due to a small number of registrations covering large areas of land. These included several large farms and estates, forests and wind farms.
  • Land Register coverage is expected to reach 25% by the end of 2012.
  • The number of property titles on the Land Register continues to grow. Some 56.03% of all properties in Scotland are now on the Land Register, up from 54.99% at the same point in 2011.

The Report can be read here.

Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2012

The Scottish Government has just published the twelfth edition of the annual publication "Key Scottish Environment Statistics". It offers information on a wide range of environmental topics covering key datasets on the state of the environment in Scotland, with an emphasis on the trends over time wherever possible.

The publication can be read here.

New Land Reform Review Group

First Minister Alex Salmond has revealed details of a new Land Reform Review Group that will oversee a wide ranging review of land reform in Scotland.

Dr Alison Elliot, who has extensive experience working in the community and voluntary sector, will chair the group. She will be joined by Professor James Hunter and Dr Sarah Skerratt as vice chairpeople, who have experience of the Highlands and Islands and rural development. A further 10 advisers – with expertise in areas such as property and land issues, economics, legal issues, community-led organisations, landownership, forestry and access – will also be appointed to the group shortly.

It is anticipated that the Land Reform Review Group will report in a series of stages to Scottish Ministers, providing consideration of what the outcomes of land reform should be and what reforms are required. By the end of 2013 the Scottish Government would expect a report on any legislative changes that are required to allow this to be taken forward.

The Scottish Government Press release can be read here.

Scotland approves £150m construction boost

The Scottish draft budget for 2013-14 has pledged a £40 million boost to affordable housing, £80m for the Schools for the Future programme and £30m over three years in a green investment package.

Property investment soars in Scotland

The volume of houses being sold in Scotland shot up by as much as 21% in July as more first-time buyers helped to boost the total.

FMB presidency for Scot

GLASGOW born Jim Gilmour is the first Scot to be appointed as national president of the Federation of Master Builders.

Scottish home buyers given mortgage boost

A new scheme to make 95% mortgages available to home buyers has been announced.

Scots are building 30 new homes every day as hope emerges for house building sector

SCOTLAND'S new housing supply has decreased by two per cent in the last year, Scottish Government figures revealed today. Scotland has seen a huge ­increase in the number of privately-built houses begun in the past year – the first rise in five years. Government figures published yesterday show construction began on 10,732 private properties in 2011-12, compared with 8,731 the previous year – a 23 per cent rise offering a glimmer of hope for Scotland's ailing construction industry.