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    Stringfellows dancer found to be an employee

    This is the latest in a recent series of cases considering the employment status of individuals who work under unconventional arrangements. In this particular claim, Ms Quashie worked as a dance for Stringfellows club. When she started work in June 2007, she was not given a contract nor a copy of the House Rules, but was issued with a similarly framed introductory document about the establishment.

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    Employer may be vicariously liable for murder of employee

    Mr Romasov and Mr McCulloch were both employed as night-shift shelf stackers at a Sainsbury's supermarket in Aberdeen. Mr McCulloch was a member of the British National Party and known to hold extreme and racist views about Eastern European workers coming to the UK.

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    Crowdfunding: An Innovative Way to Raise Finance

    The economic climate has made raising finance an increasingly harder challenge for all types of businesses, including social enterprises. As a result crowdfunding, among other forms of non-bank finance, are playing an increasingly important role.

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    Are life bans for doping offences sporting?

    For 20 years the British Olympic Association (BOA) sustained a byelaw that was central to “Team GB” selection policy, namely that any athlete found guilty of a doping offence would be ineligible, for life, for selection at any Olympic Games.