Being apart together

The family of Harper Macleod has always been an extremely important part of the firm's ethos and the strength of our connections has never been more important than in the current circumstances.

Our primary concern is the health and wellbeing of everyone – including colleagues, clients and the communities within which we work. You can call it community spirit, or corporate citizenship or simply looking out for one another when it counts – it's about leading by example and sticking together.

We know this will be a testing time for many people. That's why we have created The HM home room as a positive response to what's going on in all of our worlds.


What is the HM home room?

The home room is a community, a club that's free to join where we can share insight, knowledge and tips to help take the isolation out of self-isolation.

Here you'll find a focus on wellbeing and links to resources which enable everyone to stay active, healthy and mindful while we're apart. You'll also find a range of practical tips for working from home, whether you live alone or have family around you – especially children of school age who will need to be kept busy and active through the days and evenings to come.

This is just the start. We'd love you to share any other great links, tips or resources that you feel would benefit others and we'll make them available for everyone.

Practical guides to help you WFH

Working at home is the new normal – and not just for those used to heading into an office or elsewhere, but also for those who have kids and find themselves in a home school environment. Whether you're dealing with yourself or with kids, it's important to have some ground rules, a basic structure so that your days are productive (and you don't start climb the walls at being stuck inside).

It's also good to know that you don't have to reinvent the wheel or come up with new ideas all the time. There are some great websites and resources out there which can help you get to grips with working at home, and also keep the kids in line (and entertained).

Use the drop down sections below to access some that we've gathered. And if you find any more, please let us know and we'll add them to the lists. Click here to submit your ideas.

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Wellbeing - activities for you and the family

Wellbeing for you and your family is always important, but even more so now that you will be at home together for much more time than usual. Now is the time to take up the activities you'd wanted to do for some time, or to find new ways of keeping you in great shape physically and mentally.

Below you'll find a range of activities to keep you and the family active and healthy. Some of which are favourites of our colleagues.

Give them and try and please let us know how you got on, or if you have any other good ideas that aren't included here.

We welcome the Glasgow Warriors to the HM home room with some homemade cooking recipes from Chris Fusaro. 

Who wants to TRY making a banana pancake?  View how to make the tasty treat on YouTube here. Here Chris is joined with his kids (sous chefs), Freddie and Sofia, to make a healthy snack/breakfast - the banana pancake.

Who wants to TRY making Steak Ramen? View how to make it on our YouTube channel hereThis time around Chris shows us another of his signature dishes, his Steak 'Cheat' Ramen! So put the kids to bed, grab a drink and enjoy a night in with some delicious food! 

Who wants to TRY making Greek Style Flatbread ? View how to make it on our YouTube channel hereThis time around Chris shows us another of his signature dishes, his Greek Style Flatbread! Perfect for lunch of dinner at the weekend.  



Maintaining customer contact– it's good to talk

While meeting up with clients and contacts isn't possible for now, communicating is more important than ever for a whole host of reasons. In fact, it's crucial to every business that we continue to talk to people and reinforce the vital relationships that have been built up over time.

We're all in the same boat, and what people need more than ever is to have trusted contacts to be there for them, listen and provide practical advice and assistance that will add value to their own situation.

Other people are going to feel isolated so the social aspect of talking to someone can't be underestimated. In fact, one thing that the current situation might actually improve is to lessen our reliance on email and encourage people to pick up the phone or video call to keep in touch.

Just checking in with a client and making sure that they are okay can be enough. They may not know that there's something we can do to help them, or someone or some resource we can direct them to that could make a big difference to them.

It's nice to be nice.

Coronavirus: advice for individuals and families