Always together

The family of Harper Macleod has always been an extremely important part of the firm's ethos and the strength of our connections has never been more important than during the pandemic.

Our primary concern from the very start has been the health and wellbeing of everyone – including colleagues, clients and the communities within which we work. You can call it community spirit, or corporate citizenship or simply looking out for one another when it counts – it's about leading by example and sticking together.

We know this has been a testing time for many people. That's why at the outset of the lockdown we created the HM home room as a positive response to what was going on in all of our worlds.


What is the HM home room?

The home room is a community, a club that's free to join, where we share insights, knowledge and tips that we hope help us all cope better with the impact of the changes to 'normal' life. Developing a better balance to our work and life can benefit everyone and the home room encourages us to make the most of positive opportunities arising from difficult situations.

Here you'll find a focus on wellbeing and links to resources which enable everyone to stay active, healthy and mindful. You'll find a range of practical tips for working from home, whether you live alone or have family around you.

The home room is constantly changing as the world around us changes, and we'd love you to share any other great links, tips or resources that you feel would benefit others. Let us know and we'll make them available for everyone.

Lifestyle & wellbeing for you and the family

Wellbeing for you and your family is always important, but even more so now.

From activities you've wanted to do for some time, to new ways of keeping you in great shape physically and mentally, below you'll find a range of activities to keep you and the family active and healthy.


Practical guides for working from home

Working at home is the new normal for many people and whether you're dealing with yourself or with kids, it's important to have a basic structure so that your days are productive. It's also good to know that you don't have to reinvent the wheel. There are some great resources which can help you make the most of working from home, and also keep the kids in line (and entertained).

Use the drop down sections below to access some useful resources. And if you find any more, please let us know. Click here to submit your ideas.

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Home: The Abiding Place of Protection

Michael Angus is an architect, author, educator, musician and, of course, a presenter on the fantastic television series Scotland's Home of the Year. Fortunately for Harper Macleod, Michael is also a fan of the HM home room, the online community created by the firm in response to the lockdown. The home room is an open hub where over the past few months we have shared insights, knowledge and tips to help us all be apart together. We are delighted that Michael has taken the time to write this article for the home room, sharing his thoughts on the concept of home and its role as a place of shelter, protection and so much more in our lives. Read more online here.

Maintaining customer contact - it's good to talk

Communicating is more important than ever for a whole host of reasons. In fact, it's crucial to every business that we continue to talk to people and reinforce the vital relationships that have been built up over time.

We're all in the same boat and what people need more than ever is to have trusted contacts to be there for them, listen and provide practical advice and assistance that will add value to their own situation.

The social aspect of talking to someone can't be underestimated. While email is useful, sometimes it is more effective to pick up the phone or video call to keep in touch - Just checking in with someone and making sure that they are okay can be enough. They may not know that there's something we can do to help them, or someone or some resource we can direct them to that could make a big difference to them.

It's nice to be nice.

Coronavirus: advice for individuals and families