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At Yoga Warrior we are passionate about employee health and providing companies with a return on their wellbeing investment.  We were awarded the ASB Most Innovative Start-up 2019, sponsored by Vodafone UK.


We have vast experience in healthcare both in digital health and chronic diseases and we are acutely aware of the relationship between stress and health.  The companies we work with have concerns about the mental and physical health of their staff and how this relates to the performance of the business. 


By investing in the wellness of your staff you are creating a healthy workplace culture which is the key to attracting and retaining the best people at your firm. 


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has produced guidelines for companies to improve workplace health for their staff which includes yoga. 


We provide companies with an online wellness platform containing yoga, relaxation and meditation videos that you can offer to your employees as part of your staff benefits

package.  Users can do their yoga and meditation at their desk, in their house or in a hotel room.


The platform and content are tailored for companies to increase staff productivity, wellbeing and decrease absenteeism.  We have unique data analytics that will provide you with a return on your investment.


Yoga Warrior also provides bespoke wellbeing packages to corporate clients which includes onsite yoga and meditation workshops.  Allowing companies to obtain expert advice whilst using the wellbeing platform.


At Yoga Warrior we are Fit for Business.


For our members

Yoga Warrior provides firms with a workplace health solution without impacting on the work schedule of their staff.  All the content is contained online and users can do their yoga and meditation at their desk, in their house or in a hotel room.  By reducing stress levels, improving sleep and increasing workplace health, people perform better whilst at work resulting in more billable hours and an increase in the overall performance of the business.