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For more information please contact David Adamson from The First Scottish Group.

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First Scottish Searching Services is Scotland’s leading independent firm of searchers delivering a comprehensive list of fast and accurate search services.

With over 30 years' experience and covering the whole of Scotland, it delivers high quality, cost effective reports supplying information to over 1000 Firms.

Best known for its title reporting and property enquiry certificates, First Scottish also offers services in areas such as plans, title investigation/rectification, AML compliance, environmental, flood and mining reports. The full range of services are designed to reduce your operating costs and increase your business efficiency.

  • Highly skilled qualified and experienced staff.
  • Specialist Search teams.
  • Dedicated Client Liaison team.
  • Accurate, efficient and reliable same day service as standard.
  • Quality at competitive prices.
  • Testimonials on request.
  • Fully integrated NAV ERP solution, automates and optimises our workflow process and core operating functions.
  • On line order centre.
  • Customised templates available if required.

The First Scottish Group has the ambition and drive to maintain our resources and continue investment.

We will continue to improve and expand our services throughout the legal profession.

For Our Members

  • Portfolio discounts on multiple requests (10 or more) from the same client.
  • Free in house CPD seminars on a range of topics.
  • Access for advice to Searchers, plans, sales and customer support teams, many with over 20 years industry experience.

Preferential rates from First Scottish Document Management which offers:

  • Scanning service in various digital formats with 24/7 access via a secure web portal.
  • Secure conventional storage for documents, with low cost retrieval.