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For more information please contact David Borrowman from Solicitors for Older People Scotland.

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This affinity group of Scottish Law Firms was founded in 2013. Its member firms are committed providing legal services to older people in Scotland in a caring and sensitive way. Each firm commits to a code of practice designed to give confidence to older clients and indeed the other institutions working with older people. SOPS now work formally in partnership with Age Scotland and we also collaborate with other charities and institutions dealing with older people.


The group has been able to commit to national advertising, in various media, including commercial radio, national newspapers and targeted social media campaigns.


Already the SOPS brand is known nationally, through vigorous activity and effort over these early years. Our members are increasingly invited to address over 50’s groups all over the country, increasing brand awareness and producing business leads. Member firms have access to a suite of pre written local advertising materials giving the opportunity to any committed firm to build business in the over 50’s sector. Considering the demographics of our country this sector presents a clear growth opportunity for those firms committing to the sector. Through collaborative working and carefully targeted promotion, combined with quality service provided by member firms, we aim in the next few years to be the “go to” organisation for older people looking for legal assistance.


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Solicitors for Older People Scotland are engaging with over 50’s and the institutions and charities who deal with them in and unprecedented way.

We take out the message all over Scotland that solicitors can be friendly helpful caring and sensitive in dealing with older people. We stress the message that adverse events such as illness, loss of capacity or death should be prepared for sensibly by all over 50’s. Our talks receive “rave reviews” and we believe our organisation will become the “go to” place for older people to seek legal help.

If your firm might be interested in our project – find out all about us and how to join at the Conference.

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