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For more information please contact Dave McCarthy, Business Development Manager at PracticeEvolve.

A game-changer for the modern law firm.

Today’s modern law firms face a particularly daunting challenge: getting the right technology to support the day-to-day running of the business so that their clients always come first.

This requires a practice management system that can be tailored to suit your specific needs and business workflows.

PracticeEvolve is one such system.


We develop premier software for mid-tier law firms, internationally.
PracticeEvolve is comprised of a dedicated team of industry experts, who have decades of experience in the design and development of innovative software solutions that reflect the unique requirements of mid-tier law firms. By combining document management and accounting software, we offer law firms a holistic practice management solution built with you, the lawyer, in mind.


Our technology doesn’t stand still, ever.

At PracticeEvolve, we strive for automation, customisation, efficiency, and usability.

Committed to the on-going development of our software, we let the needs of our clients drive the direction of our innovation. Boasting industry-leading functionality such as drag-and-drop workflow designer, custom forms designer, dynamic reporting, document bundling, an open API suite and much more, our software is specifically designed to help lawyers do their best work.

With PracticeEvolve as the silent partner in your business, quietly supporting your day-to-day operations, you can put your energy into what matters most – your clients.


Our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

Globally we have over 6000 users and 550 firms using our software to deliver timely, truly meaningful solutions to their clients.

They look to us because we understand that technological prowess is simply not enough. With open communication channels, well thought out transition and implementation process, and guaranteed on-going support, we strive to form true partnerships with our clients from the get-go.


For our Members :

  • Work more efficiently with access to all client and matter information in one, centralised location
  • Monitor the cost and progress of your matters with automated time tracking
  • Meet all of your office and trust accounting needs in one secure, easy-to-manage system
  • Meet the financial needs of your firm with streamlined invoicing and customisable debtor plans
  • Accelerate the delivery of important documents to clients, opposing counsel and the courts with automated document bundling
  • Bring speed and accuracy to your document management by automatically maintaining a complete document version and activity history